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Guest Reviewer: NiCe7

Reported by Jack Bridges TID on March 5, 2012

This week we welcome hot production duo NiCe7 as our Guest Reviewers. These guys are the latest Italian stars to emerge from the fertile world of Tech House with releases on Gruuv, Great Stuff, Toolroom, Noir and Suara Music.

Their infectious dancefloor rhythms and high-energy DJ sets have been catching the attention of international crowds all over Europe and as far afield as USA and Brazil.

We managed to catch a few moments with Nicola Daniele and Cesare Marocco to hear about their backgrounds, their views on the current state of house music and what have been some of the biggest tunes from their much-loved DJ sets.

Where are you right now and what have you been up to over the last 7 days? 

We’re in the studio right now. We’ve been here most of the week finishing off some new tunes that should be coming out in the next few months. We’ve also been in Milano the last 3 days for some meetings with our Italian booking manager and we did an interview for an Italian TV programme called Match Music which we did with fellow artist Pirupa.

How and when did you first come together as NiCe7 and what were you both doing beforehand?  

We’ve actually been friends forever. We were both born in the same small coastal town in the center of Italy.

Until 2005 we were both working in different areas of the music industry.

We’d been DJing in the local clubs since around 1994. Then in 2000, Cesare moved to Milan where he worked as a sound engineer and arranger for different studios producing club music. Nicola had continued to do clubs and events all over Italy meeting lots of international DJs and producers. It was in 2005 that we decided to join forces and try to make some beats together, first doing a remix for an Italian label run by a good friend of ours. It was pretty succesful and soon after we were doing a remix for Mark Knight.

What advice would you give to any up and coming DJs and producers reading this that you think might have helped when you were first starting out? 

We just followed our passion. When we first started it was just a laugh. Everytime we try to have fun doing music either in the studio or during our live sets. If you’re doing something you really love you will be happy within yourself and you will get results!

Can you please give us a snapshot of the current state of house music through the eyes of NiCe7? 

Nice question. With music in general you have times which are pretty vibrant, exciting, innovative, and forward thinking and then you have times which are kind of flat and maybe a little more dull and predictable. Nevertheless, it is always changing and there is always a cycle.

We think the state of house music from a creative standpoint is very healthy at the moment. Technology gives everyone the possibility to develope an idea without having to spend too much money going to a big studio. And it can also really help with creativity. From another point of view the quality went inevitably down and now there are just too many below-standard artists, releases and record labels

As a duo how do you guys work together on your productions? Do you each have defined roles? Do you always like to work together in the same studio or do you get more inspiration working on your own and sending files to each over the internet?

We usually prefer to work together but in the last few months we have started to work separately too as we just have so much work to do!

Cesare does more of the technical work and the studio arrangements while Nicola is always looking for new music and different ideas to work on.

What is your preferred setup in the studio? Are there any pieces of software or hardware that you’re finding essential right now for making music? 

We love to get hands on in the studio! The Roland SH-101 is the first synth we turn on to program a cool bass line with. Another fantastic synth we use a lot is the Moog Voyager, this is also great for bass but good for lead and FX too. And last but not least the Access Virus!

Additionally we use a selection of software synths from Native Instruments: Battery Kontakt, Absynth and we like the Spectrasonics Stylus RMX too. We use Cubase for our sequencing with the Universal Audio plug-ins’ arsenal.

Do you make your own personal edits of tracks to play in your sets? Would you recommend that a DJ has something special to play like this?

Yes, we play lots of edits and bootlegs that we make in the studio plus some live edits and remixng,  this is good when you have 4 hands to work with! This can help you stand out and be fun and a good DJ needs to do this for sure.

Which up and coming artists have really made an impression on you recently that you think will make an impact in 2012?

Our big friend Pirupa has some monster tracks coming out in the next few months. 2012 will be a super year for him!

Finaly, what else do NiCe7 have in store for the rest of the year?

With regards to releases we have a remix out soon for our good friend Leon. this will be on Victor Calderone’s Waveform label. We also have some bits coming out on Noir Music and Great Stuff plus a few things that are still top secret at the moment.

Gigs wise we have some bookings in Italy and UK during March and then we’ll be embarking on a tour of South America in April and then again in October. We’re just fixing dates for our Canada tour too so watch this space.

Get the latest Podcast from NiCe7



Three words that define the style and sound of Darius Syrossian, yet also represent the principles by which he has successfully made his name as a DJ, producer, label boss and radio host at a global level. He is one of the core artists of Steve Lawler’s Viva family and has ticked off every major club and festival in an extensive touring schedule; his production skills have lead to acclaim with labels such Get Physical, Area Remote, 8 Bit, VIVa MUSiC & more, his own imprint Breakout Audio has presided over collaborations with talent such as Kris Wadsworth from Detroit, Julian Chaptal and Pier Bucci; and the VIVa radio show that Darius hosts to thousands each week is now broadcast to over 30 countries.

But those three words have to be repeated. TRUE. HOUSE. MUSIC. As a person that has dedicated more than 15 years to legendary UK vinyl record shops Global Beat and Crash Records, Darius wears his passion for the music on every part of his existence, as only people who do it for the love of the music are able to. Having seen every fad and trend come and then quickly go in the electronic scene, yet never having wavered from his devotion to the groove, it’s with plenty of conviction that Darius’ huge musical knowledge and vast vinyl collection allows him a unique versatility. A DJ in the truest sense, no matter whether that be abyss-deep house or following Detroit techno or playing Detroit techno, the groove will always be there, unwavering as the emblem of his style.

If his ethos is noteworthy, Darius’ achievements are just as distinguished. He has toured the world as a DJ, taking in all continents and including major dance gatherings like Sonar, Miami WMC, Extrema Festival, The recent gig at Sonar resulting in him being offered a monthly residency at the one and only Sankeys in Manchester
A main member of Steve Lawler’s VIVa Music family, alongside LEON, Detlef & David Pher Darius can point to numerous releases, including the 2010 bomb ‘Luis Conte’, which was written with good friend Nyra, & most recently the massive track entitled ‘Stay up dancing, Get in Monday’ that has led Darius to sit at number 14 in Resident Advisor’s top 20 most charted artists for March/April 2011. Darius has subsequently expanded his production portfolio to include releases that have featured on three major Compilations in the summer of 2011, his track on the 5 years of 8Bit being one of the best selling on the entire compilation as was his track on Heidi’s Get Physical Jackathon Comp, his release on Area Remote features on the Cocoon heroes compilation too.

Connecting all his talents, Darius is also the voice of the bi-weekly VIVa Music Radio show, which is downloaded by thousands of listeners and syndicated across over 30 countries to be broadcast on FM radio, with contributing guests to the show having included Stacey Pullen, Guti, Nic Fanciulli, Soul Clap, Boris Werner, Kabale Und Liebe, Lauhaus, Soul Clap, Luna City Express & more.

Ultimately, this is yet another avenue that embraces the philosophy of Darius Syrossian, to always focus on the music,
to always guard the principles of house and always, but always, to remain true. In his own words: ‘ I’m into the scene because I LOVE THE MUSIC, not like some who are into the music because they LOVE THE SCENE. It’s only about the music for me, and that’s all that matters!’



MYNE FRESH RELEASE – Solo -Yolanda Be Cool & Wax Motif – Let’ s sweat! (Preview)

If Sylvester Martinez and Johnson Peterson, aka Yolanda Be Cool, were in the Carpenters, they would be singing “We’ve only just begun.”

For though 2009 was a massive year for these two, what with exclusively signing their releases to Ajax’s Sweat It Out label, their bookings to his agency not to mention their original productions and remixes receiving huge support from some of the scene’s biggest players, they are far from slowing down, instead going into overdrive in the studio to ensure that the year 2010 is one that is filled with their brand of party tech.

With their first original, Afro Nuts being licensed to Fabric 49, mixed by Buraka Som Sistema, Wax On, mixed by Fake Blood, MASHED, mixed by Miami Horror and Beni as well as Neon Essential Vol 2 mixed by Grant Smillie, Don Diablo and Ruby Rose, as well as an exclusive license to Herve’s Cheap Thrills label, released in April 2010, Yolanda Be Cool has quickly become a familiar name.

In AND out of the studio, for these two cats that have more experience than their time as YBC would suggest, juxtaposition is everything. Bow ties and converse. Hip hop and techno. Animal noises and nightclubs. Pretty girls and tattoos. Unused hotel rooms. Or in their words, “party tech.”

And it is to their greatest satisfaction that their midget/mini-house/batty house/ baile tech peers, such as Solo, Renaissance Man, Round Table Knights, Mastiksoul and Radioclit, have been the ones most willing to first lay props on their tunes.

Solo -Yolanda Be Cool & Wax Motif – Let’ s sweat! (Preview)

MYNE LOOOOVES DIRTYBIRD! Dirtybird Hatched – Part 1, 2 & 3

‘dirtybird’ has been breaking new ground and dropping basslines since January 2005. The label has always been synonymous with sweaty bass-lines, quirky ideas, and bass driven funk. It is only fitting that a label based on a philosophy of bringing smiles to the dance-floor was created by a party. In 2003, Christian Martin took a risk and bought a giant sound system on his credit card. The party was named after a drawing of a bird that Barclay Crenshaw (aka Claude VonStroke,) used to draw when he was a kid. The line-up was rounded out with Christian’s brother Justin Martin and his room-mate Worthy. All four DJs were tired of the same old San Francisco vocal house that they heard everywhere they went. The grand idea was to change the landscape of San Francisco house music by throwing an epic free party in the park based on this new sound.

Not very many people showed up to that first party but you could sense something special starting… a new era of die-hard dedicated DIY producers all with new productions based on heavy bass-lines, smiling faces and fun. There was nothing to lose and everything to gain. Soon after, Barclay Crenshaw took on the role of the ringleader and decided that a record label would be the next step. Barclay was from the suburbs of Detroit and he had already seen the likes of Juan Atkins and Ritchie Hawtin rise up from nothing and create their own musical landscapes, so this was a logical progression.

Barclay had been saving money to start pressing records by shooting and editing corporate videos and tv commercials. He had also recently completed a documentary film about house and techno Djs featuring over 40 artists from Theo Parish to Orbital. His girlfriend (now wife) “Aundy” heard about the plan for the label and decided to give her man the greatest gift of all time. She said, “I’ll give you one year to make this record label work. I’ll pay the rent, food and bills. If you make $XX amount of dollars you can do it forever. If you don’t, you have to go back to work for corporate America the rest of your life.” How’s that for a killer ultimatum?

So, in January 2005 the label was born with DB001 “the Southern Draw” by Justin Martin and Sammy D, a super freaky record that landed dirtybird a vinyl distribution deal in Germany. A few months later, DB003 was released. A track called “Deep Throat,” Barclay’s debut record that blazed through over 11,000 vinyls, 20 odd licenses and easily surpassed what seemed to be an impossible financial goal for a 1st year record label. It also introduced the world to the name Claude VonStroke.

Since 2005, the little party in Golden Gate park has grown up. The original crew is all the same with the newest addition of Jessica (J. Phlip) Phillipe. New artists are being singed all the time from the UK, France, Poland, Germany and as far as South Africa. Now the crew is flying around the world, releasing records, and still throwing the best parties in San Francisco – but with a few more people in attendance.

Over the last seven years dirtybird has released an eclectic range of bass influenced house music. This new compilation is a glimpse into the next wave. 14 different artists deliver deep house, bass music, jackin funk, and ghetto filth. The series will be released in 3 parts and as a full length cd.

Part 1 opens with the red hot Eats Everything, fresh off his live from Bristol essential mix. This is a first-time collaboration working with label chief, Claude VonStroke on a deep techy number with plenty of surprises. Second in line is a jackin funk gem by Sacha Robotti, who you might recognize as curator of the famed Berlin Kreuzberg Institut podcast since 2008 or by his label, Klasse Recordings. After that an unexpected deep house-bass influenced single comes from LA’s Kingdom, the bass/R&B maverick and label boss of Nightslug’s new U.S. sister label called “Fade to Mind.” Last but not least comes an elegant combo of Detroit style techno and UK bass from our good friend A1 Bassline, owner of Tighten Up records and overall club destroyer.

VA – Dirtybird Hatched Vol. 1 (Part. 1 & 2) (2011)

Hatched – Part 1

Title: dirtybird HATCHED (part 1)
Cat-No: DB064
Beatport release date: January 11, 2012
Release date: January 25, 2012

Hatched Part 2 is where we pick up the pace from deep and groovy house into the bass and ghetto crossover sound dirtybird have been championing for the last couple of years. Kill Frenzy comes to us from Belgium having already recorded for the infamous Ghetto labels Dustraxx (Chicago) and Juke Trax (Detroit). He brings a legit juke joint that drops down into hip-hop for 30 seconds and is a filthy crowd favorite. After that, Worthy, head of the Anabatic imprint and part of the O.G dirtybird crew surprises us with “Shy Look,” a futuristic bass-house crossover track that really peaks in the right spots and smashes it every time. Third in line comes Christian Martin, also an original dirtybird member, roaring through with “Waiting,” a house-meets-breakbeat slayer. Get your subs ready because it’s got some big balls (and a really sweet vocal drop half way through.) Lastly, we have Breach/Dj Cra$y re-appearing after the epic New Years “Just E” debut on dirtybird. Ben Westbeech is firing on all cylinders right now. This is as close to 90’s jungle as you can get in a house tune. A superbly crafted homage to that old school LTJ Bukem vibe.

Hatched – Part 2

Title: dirtybird HATCHED (part 2)
Cat-No: DB065
Beatport release date: January 25, 2012
Release date: February 8, 2012

“Hatched” Part 3 is the final instalment of the compilation series and the final 4 tracks are some of the best. Catz ‘n Dogz shake it to the ground with a booty-house anthem called “Bring Me That Water.” These guys have been killing it on all fronts and this is one of their finest efforts. After that, Samuel Dan, who is part owner of the Spanish Sincopat label, delivers a slow cooked sexual scorcher called “Bitch.” The track has a wide range of influences from 70’s funk to the Grand Pubahs and is a sultry dancefloor bomb.

Next comes a real leap for producer Tom Flynn with “Jerry’s Liquor Store.” He abandons the confines of tech house and goes huge with an effort referencing everything from Pearson Sound to old school Chicago raves. This is a battle tested party starter for sure. Lastly, we say farewell with the “Long Kiss Goodnight” from the up and coming Bay Area producer Nick Monaco. Nick has been working really hard to feature on dirtybird and this track is reminiscent of the unusual (and funny) releases like “The Southern Draw” we used to release back in the day, when we first started the label. Eli and Charlie of amazing Boston based Soul Clap lend a helping hand editing the tune for the dance floor.

Hatched – Part 3

Title: dirtybird HATCHED (part 3)
Cat-No: DB066
Beatport release date: : 2012-02-08
Release date: : 2012-02-00

HOT out of the Studio! Pan-Pot – Gravity (mobilee091)

Pan-Pot may have had the best year ever after their recent hit, “Captain My Captain” garnered positive feedback from fans and highly regarded DJs and producers alike – making them a throbbing phenomenon. Their first live gig at Sven Väth’s infamous Cocoon party at Amnesia in Ibiza may have caused the ambitious duo to produced more sweat than the ring of igniting fireworks surrounding them at “Awakenings” in Holland, but it respectively pinned them on the map as internationally recognized artists. When the phone call came in from their idols from Slam, two new remixes were born on the “20 Years of Soma” compilation. Thomas Benedix and Tassilo Ippenberger not only made their first impression on camera in 2011, but on the tops of charts as well.

Thus, mobilee presents Pan-Pot’s “Gravity”, the first single release after their successful outputs: “Captain My Captain” and the “Lifetimes” remixes. The release doubles as a teaser to the sixth edition of the successful “Back to Back” compilation series.

Blasting off the A-side is “Gravity”, a high-tempo number picking up linear momentum verse after verse, featuring serious vocals by G-Tech. On the flip, Cari Golden’s soulful vocals chime in and out of the expressional “No One Knows”. Safeword, a magnetic duo comprised of Clint Stewart and Marc Smith from San Francisco, remix “Gravity” through heaven and hell as “Sunset” delivers a calm and spiritual opening piece slowly easing the listener into “Tenderloin”, a dark, grave track with subdued vocals and feeble beats.

In a whirlwind of triumph, this release is only a pint-sized preview of bigger things to come as “Pan-Pot The Documentary” makes its way to a cinematic premiere in Berlin on February 21, 2012. The 2011 tour-docu will be included in DVD form as part of the “mobilee Back To Back Vol. 6 – Presented by Pan-Pot” compilation package.

Pan-Pot – Gravity (mobilee091)

Gorge & Chris Lattner — Highway Showcase @ Arma 17 (Moscow) — 10.12.2011

Chris Lattner

Described as ‘ambitious, tireless and ferociously dedicated’, rising star Chris Lattner certainly appears to be a pioneering individual with an undeniable talent for infectious house grooves.

Born in Hannover in 1972, Chris grew up surrounded by the sounds of his parent’s disco music. They further encouraged his ambitions on his sixteenth birthday with a set of Technics 1210’s, unsurprisingly; it wasn’t too long before he started to spin records out and about. In 1990 he managed to organise one the first ever techno parties in Hannover, which went on to feature the likes of Carl Cox, West Bam, and Ricardo Villalobos.

Ten years later in the year 2000, Chris decided to take a break and went to reside in Leipzig for a few years before moving to Berlin and rejoining the music scene in 2004 to host ‘The sound of Berlin’, on one of the first internet radio stations courtesy of Australia’s Pulse Radio.

It was around this time that Chris also started to produce his own music, 2008 saw his debut release ‘Hypnotoad’ on WBA-Records. A year later, his finest moment to date surfaced when Einmaleins label owner Eik signed his first EP “Definition” in Feb 2009 with “Limbo Taxi” following a month on.

A succession of successful remixes and features followed; “Two In One” in the company of Dan Drastic on Moon Harbours Inhouse Vol. 3,  a remix of Pawas ‘s “Mac Dub” on UK label Fear of Flying,  not forgetting “African Children” on Loco Dice’s ‘The Lab’ complation in April 09.

November see’s forthcoming material on Luna Records as well as the landmark 50th  release on Einmalens, with remixes to look forward to from Bearweasel, Justin Drake and Pezner- 2010 looks set to be a very busy year for Chris Lattner.


Gorge aka. Pit Waldmann has been a musician, DJ and producer for more than 18 years. Gorge started out playing drums and piano but at the end of the 80’s, beginning of the 90’s he became inspired by the upcoming electronic dance music scene, which changed his path from being a live musician to a DJ and producer.

At the same time, Gorge was co-running 8bit Records together with his partner Nick Curly along with his second imprint Katchuli Records. Both labels received worldwide credibility over the last years and the so called “Mannheim sound” changed the minimal trend back to deep groovy house music.

Throughout the years Gorge has released several club friendly deep house tracks on highly rated labels like Freerange, Objectivity, Diynamic, Systematic and Brise, only to name a few of them, all receiving high positions at the Beatport and Decks charts. In 2010 he was nominated as one of the top 5 Beatport deep- and techhouse artists.

Gorge’s first album “Mood” was released in 2010 and gained great reviews showing his talent in producing timeless deep house music as well as club friendly house tracks. Gorge has also become one of the most frequented remixers. He has done approximately  40 remixes over the last few years – all reaching high chart positions as well as making him Nr. 8  charted all time artists on Resident Advisor.

Over the last years Gorge has built a greatreputation as a DJ playing in some of the best clubs in the world such as Watergate (Berlin), Rex (Paris), DEdge (Sao Paulo), Cielo (NYC), Space (Ibiza), Zoo Project (Ibiza), Electric Pickle (Miami), Cargo (London), Arma 17 (Moscow)

Combine these two great talents and we have one of the best recorded mixes that MYNE MUSIC has heard.

Gorge & Chris Lattner — Highway Showcase @ Arma 17 (Moscow) — 10.12.2011

Petre Inspirescu – Nights.ro Showcase #026 – January 2012

In his home town of Bucharest, Romania, Pedro aka Petre Inspirescu has long been a pivotal figure alongside his frequent accomplices Raresh and Rhadoo. He started djing in 1999 in a small club called Web Club. Four year ago he became resident at Circoloco, Dc10 Ibiza and since then, his way of feeling and understanding electronic music changed completely. In the last three years, his appearances throughout the whole world have brought his name to many listeners’ lips, heightening interest in the fertile Romanian scene-an unexpected outpost of advanced electronic music.

From the very beginning Pedro has been strongly affected by deep house tunes and the multitude variety of grooves – not only in electronic music. His DJ sets are as sonically baffling as they are irresistibly groovy; as a producer his tracks are as unhinged as they are methodical.

He set high standards with the track „Le Bou“ that was released on his own label Arpair which he founded with his friends Rhaddo & Raresh in 2007. The following productions of Petre Inspirescu (his name as a producer) prove that this success wasn’t only a singular case. Thus it’s only fair that Luciano’s Cadenza, one of the most respected labels in the electronic music scene, approached Pedro and signed him right away (Recommendation: Cadenza # 20).

Before, Pedro had gained a good reputation as a DJ, for example as resident at Circo Loco Ibiza @ DC10, where he convinced an international audience week after week. By now he is a globally booked and sought-after artist when it comes to electronic dance music. He even has a group of sympathisers (Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Loco Dice, Tania Vulcano and many more) that sounds like the “who’s who” of the international electronic music scene. And there is no end in sight: the new studio in Bukarest has been set up long ago, gigs all around the world increase rapidly and everything is going very well. We are looking forward to his output in the near future.

Download Petre Inspirescu – Nights.ro Showcase #026 – January 2012


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